Mental Health Recovery Board of Clark, Greene & Madison Counties (MHRB) is pleased to announce Rachel O’Diam as the new Director for Treatment and Prevention Services. O’Diam comes to the board with extensive clinical experience in both mental health and addiction services. Licensed in both clinical counseling and chemical dependency counseling, O’Diam brings a wealth of knowledge in evidence-based programs as well as crisis intervention services. She received both a bachelor's degree and a master’s degree in Rehabilitative Counseling from Wright State University.

MHRB CEO Dr. Greta Mayer stated, “We are fortunate to have someone like Rachel on our team. Her interpersonal skills, clinical expertise, and passion for helping others will benefit the work of the board in our communities.” MHRB remains committed to addressing the region’s mental health and substance use needs while being two years into the pandemic. With that commitment at the forefront, MHRB is putting a renewed emphasis on access to care and crisis services specifically.

In her new role, O’Diam will be responsible for the coordination and monitoring of treatment, recovery support, and prevention services in the board’s three-county service district. She notes, “I’m excited about the opportunity we have to improve systems and access to care. I believe the overarching goals of the community are the same, but we will all have to work together to shine a light on the people and places that are harder to reach, along with closing gaps in access to care. There are many champions in the communities we serve driving these goals, which will help MHRB be able to focus resources in a responsible and realistic way. In addition, working collaboratively with stakeholders is critical to this position.” O’Diam further notes that behavioral health issues are complicated, and resources are often scarce. “We have to get more creative with how we’re linking people and meeting them where they are,” summarizes O’Diam.

“As a therapist, I’ve had the opportunity to see the impact treatment has on the lives of those receiving care. I know that treatment can be a part of improving lives. This new position will give me the opportunity to work to improve the system of care.” In addition to the tasks noted, O’Diam will be staying on top of innovative prevention, treatment, and recovery interventions to enhance the local system of care. Like any other medical condition, mental illness and addiction need to be addressed at the earliest point possible, to reduce the chances of problems becoming crises and straining local care providers. This includes training the community and working to destigmatize behavioral health issues.

On her part, O’Diam notes, “I’m honored to be part of a dynamic, community-driven organization. I have admired Greta’s leadership and look forward to working with her and the rest of the team at MHRB.”

For more information about mental health and substance use resources in Clark, Greene, and Madison counties, please visit the MHRB website at


Mental Health Recovery Board of Clark, Greene & Madison Counties (MHRB) assists partners, stakeholders, residents, and anyone at risk of mental health or substance use concerns in our three-county area, providing pathways to mental health and addiction services. MHRB is the statutory authority responsible for planning, funding, monitoring, and evaluation of publicly funded mental health and addiction treatment and prevention programs. The board invests state, federal, and local levy dollars among more than 25 care providers, to advocate for the mental health needs and facilitate delivery of quality care for all ages, regardless of income or ability to pay.