Information Systems Technician 2nd Class Brittany Cure from Springfield, Ohio, assigned to Commander, Submarine Group 7, joined the Navy five years ago, and has been in Japan almost that entire time. She was first assigned to the 7th Fleet flagship USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19). 

Cure loved Japan so much, she said, that she sought orders to another command in Yokosuka. 

“Coming from a surface community to a submarine community is a big difference,” admitted Cure. “Blue Ridge was very top-heavy, and you had to be business all the time. At CSG7, you can speak more freely to officers and Chiefs, and while you are still respectful, it’s nice to see they’re just people too.” 

Cure had some advice for sailors who may be reluctant to get stationed in Japan. 

“Just be open-minded about going out and trying new things," said Cure. "The culture and food are amazing. The scenery is gorgeous. My favorite thing to do is get off at a random train station and just walk around. There’s literally no bad place.”

 (U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Cassandra Thompson/Released)