At the May 24, 2017 meeting of the Clark County Commissioners heard a presentation from Board of Elections Representatives Jason Baker and Amber Lopez. The presentation represented a preliminary proposal for the replacement of the voting machines throughout the county. According to Baker and Lopez, the current voting machines were purchased in 2005 from ES & S. Because of the need to transport the machines from the board of elections to the polling locations, the equipment is jostled and dinged. The machines are failing regularly during critical times in the voting cycle. They are proposing a total replacement of all the current equipment. During the last election 49 ballots came in to the Board of Elections un-scanned at the polling location. Baker and Lopez have four quotes for the basic equipment, one quote for American with Disabilities Act (ADA) voting equipment and a quote for security carts that will protect and secure the equipment during transport.


Baker and Lopez have not completed the evaluation process and do not have a final recommendation. They expect to complete the evaluation and have a recommendation for the commissioners in June or July of 2018. The commissioners will vote on the replacement equipment at that time. The estimated cost to replace the voting machines is approximately $1 million.

To address the 2017 road maintenance projects, the commissioners acknowledged bids for the 2017 Road Marking contract from Aero-Mark, Inc for $209,209 and a bid from Oglesby Construction, Inc for $209,371.26. The engineer’s estimate for the work was $217,252.45. The bids have been referred to staff for further evaluation.

They also acknowledged bids for the 2017 Roadway Resurfacing contract from A & B Asphalt Corporation for $1,277,791.68 with Alternate #1 at $30,464 and a bid from The Shelly Company for $1,613,107.25 with Alternate #1 at $28,000. The engineer’s estimate for the project was $1,904,279.97 with Alternate #1 at $44,800. The bids have been referred to staff for further evaluation.

In addition, the commissioners awarded unit price contracts for 150,000 gallons of asphalt emulsion to Asphalt Materials at the unit price of $1.67 with demurrage at the cost of $90. They also awarded the contract 35,000 gallons of fog seal to Asphalt Materials for $1.17 per gallon.

Furthermore, the commissioners awarded the contract for 2,500 ton of No. 8 Aggregate to Barrett Paving for $7.50 from location one and $6.25 for location two and No 8 at $9.50 a ton.

For the Sheriff’s Office, the commissioners approved a contract with the Ohio Department of Transportation for $200,928 for litter clean up on the state road ways from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2019.

For Planning and Zoning, the commissioners set the date and time for public hearings for two rezoning cases for 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday June 14, 2017. The first case is a request from Gabrielle Dent to rezone 5.98 acres at 4690 S Tecumseh Road from A-1 Agricultural to PD-M Planned Development Mixed Use to create an event venue, photography studio and bed and breakfast.

The second case is a request from Mark E. Overholser to rezone 2.85 acres at 4530 Ridgewood Road W from R-2A Medium Density Single Family Residence to R-4 Multiple Family Residence for condominium or apartment development.

In regular business, the commissioners approved a payment to Enterprise Roofing for $92,000 for roof improvements to the A.B. Graham Building and the Courthouse.

They also approved a payment to Arcon Builders, LTD for $28,914.70 for the Juvenile Court Courtyard Improvement Project.

Finally, they approved a payment of $3,300 to the Clark County Agricultural Society for the annual statutory fair premium.

To repay the county debt, the commissioners approved three payments to US Bank Trust NA. The first payment of $16,087.50 was for various bond series that fund the General Bond Retirement Fund, Well Field and the Park Layne Interceptor.

The second payment was for principle and interest in the amount of $50,160 for various bond issues that fund the General Bond Retirement Fund, the Board of Developmental Disabilities, Green Meadows 2, the Water Tower and the South Vienna Improvement Fund.

The third payment was for principle and interest in the amount of $29,762.50 for the Human Services Improvement Fund.

The next meeting of the Clark County Commissioners is scheduled for May 31, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in the Commissioners’ Conference Room at 50 E Columbia Street.