December 23, 1817, the Ohio Senate received a message from the House  of Representatives that they had passed the bill entitled, "An Act to erect the County of Clark on Thursday, December 25, 1817." The bill was signed by the Speakers of both Branches of the Legislature as being duly enrolled. The following day, December 26, Mr. Lucas from the Joint Committee of enrollment deposited the act with the Secretary of State and took his receipt therefor. By this action, the State of Ohio had acted on the matter as to whether or not Clark County was to become a county in and of itself, separated from the counties of Champaign, Greene, and Madison. Their answer was yes. It was to be separated off and become a single entity. By the approval of the legislative action, Clark County was officially created on March 1, 1818.The county was named after George Rogers Clark, hero of the Revolutionary War, who defeated the Indians in the 1780 battle at old Peckuwe.
On Thursday, March 1, 2018 Clark County will begin a year long celebration commemorating their 200th anniversary. We invite all to come and celebrate the spirit of Clark County on Friday, April  27, 2018 at our Bicentennial Ball at the Clark County Fairgrounds (Champion Park), Arts and Crafts Building. The Ball is the first in a series of Signature events occurring throughout the year in which we will be showcasing Clark County's pioneering spirit creating a legacy for future generations. This is a family event in which all family members including grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad children and teenagers are cordially invited to come and enjoy taking a trip back in history.  A social hour will begin at 6:30 p.m. with dinner to follow at 7:00 p.m. Tickets will cost $20 per person and $35 per couple. Though not required, we invite those who wish to do so to wear period clothing of any kind. We have been informed that Abraham Lincoln, Simon Kenton, Ulysses S. Grant and George Custer are planning to attend. The Pleasant Street Blues Band will be providing the entertainment and music for dancing for the evening. All who attend will have an opportunity to sign the guest book, which will be kept in the historical archives or our community. Keep tuned-in during the coming weeks for additional information about the Ball, other activities and events highlighting our County. We shout out a big thank you to Fairgrounds Director, Dean Blair, for his cooperation and assistance in planning this event. We would also like to remind those who have attended and enjoyed the past few years, "Night at the Museum,"  which take place at the Heritage Center, that we will be a featured part of this years event scheduled for April 14, 2018. The Bicentennial Committee invites input from the community, and encourages County Historical Society's, Community Festival events and other organizations to become involved in ways that can and will highlight our various communities countywide during this once in a lifetime opportunity.