Liming Brandon J, 37, of Jamestown, OH, violation of tpo, innocent, continued, napt, no contact, refused pd, bond $1,000, aggravated menacing, innocent, continued.

 Lockwood Candice Lynn, 38, of 3640 Crabill Rd, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request, menacing, dismissed - prosecutor request.

 Ratliff Fawn Lynn, 36, of 774 Woodbine St, assault, continued.

 Ryman Samuel J, 40, of Urbana, OH, ovi, continued, ovi/refusal, continued, dus, continued, marked lanes, continued, operating w/o use all s/b, continued.

 Sions Donald Eugene, 40, of 502 Park Place, crim.trespass, innocent, continued, pd apptd.

 Smith Drema Darlene, 46, of 2212 Greenknoll Dr, ovi, innocent, continued, pd apptd, parking, innocent, continued.

 Stanley Dick William, 19, of Dayton, OH, ovi, innocent, continued, failure to control, innocent, continued.

 Tucker Jason T, 40, of 423 N. Jackson Ave, dus ovi suspension, continued, failure to drive on right, continued, operating w/o use all s/b, continued.

 Tucker Jason T., 40, of 423 N. Jackson Ave, ovi, continued, ovi/refusal, continued.


Judge Stephen A. Schumaker

 Escobar Jose, 37, of Piqua, OH, ovi reduced to physical control, guilty, 90 days of jail with 87 days suspended, credit for time served, review f&c no further offenses, fined $450, failure to control, dismissed, seat belt, dismissed.

Judge Thomas E. Trempe

 Curtis Patricia A, 41, of 557 E Cassilly St, assault, continued.

 Haney William L, 50, of New Carlisle, OH, receiving stolen property, continued.

 Kemp Aaron C, 48, of 3955 Spfld-jamestown Rd, flee/elude police officer, dismissed.

 Kemp Aaron C, 48, of 3955 Spfld Jamestown Rd, ovi, guilty, 24 months of DL suspension, 180 days of jail with 166 days suspended, 14 days credit for time served, 12 months of probation, no als, subst abuse assessment and follow up, restricted plates & interlock req for privleges, fined $525, ovi/breath, dismissed, dus ovi suspension, dismissed, disregard of safety, dismissed.