Grant Bryan R, 39, of 2109 Kennilworth Street, criminal damaging, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,000.
 Hawke Wallace, 61, of 1708 Marrydale, domestic violence, innocent, continued, pd apptd, no contact cond of bond, OR Bond, assault, innocent, continued.
 Jones Bryan J, 53, of 1464 W Clark St, ovi, no contest, continued, def to attend 3 day program, ovi/breath, no contest, continued, left of center, no contest, continued, headlights required, no contest, continued.
 Kimbler Kip E, 55, of 301 Fair St, aggravated menacing, innocent, continued, pd apptd, no contact cond of bond, bond $1,000, resisting arrest, innocent, continued, domestic violence, innocent, continued.
 Knisley Dalton R L, 22, of New Carlisle, OH, request for bail, dismissed.
 Oconnell Elijah Bd, 27, of Morehead, KY, interfer. with custody, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $1,000.
 Powers Carrie A, 53, of 337 Chestnut Ave Apt 116, burglary, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,000.
 Reed Jayson, 37, of 234 E College Ave, ovi, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,000, dus, bench warrant ordered, speed, bench warrant ordered, head lights, bench warrant ordered.
 Risner Erin, 42, of 2347 Brookdale Dr, ovi, guilty, continued, 3 day program, marked lanes, guilty, continued.
 Runyan Layne N, 18, of 38 Burch St, criminal damaging, innocent, continued, elig int.
 Schwarz Benjamin J, 34, of 1350 Ryan Ct, ovi, innocent, continued, marked lanes, innocent, continued, fty/red light, innocent, continued.
 Shaw Kevin D M, 27, of 1030 Thrasher St, physical control, continued, open container public, continued.
 Sibole Malachi L, 21, of 623 S Plum St, ovi, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,000, ovi/breath, bench warrant ordered.
 Tolson Devon Michael, 18, of Huber Heights, OH, unauth. use of vehicle, innocent, continued, elig int.
 Williams Corey L, 29, of 807 E Columbia, resisting arrest, guilty, continued, OR Bond, obstructing, guilty, continued, ovi, innocent, continued, OR Bond, dus- ol forfeiture, innocent, continued, fail obey traffic device, innocent, continued.


Judge Stephen A. Schumaker

 Davis Alisha M, 27, of 1507 Kenton St, ovi, guilty, 12 months of DL suspension, 90 days of jail with 80 days suspended, 6 months of probation, alcohol evaluation and follow-up, if gets modification of susp to drive must,  have breath starter, fined $525.
 Fultz Joseph Jr L, 38, of 803 Allen Dr, ovi, continued, turn and stop signal, continued.
 Geer Ian E, 28, of 901 Essex St, criminal damaging, dismissed - prosecutor request.
 Gill Katheryn, 28, of 1031 E Home Rd Apt A, ovi, continued, ovi/breath, dismissed, marked lanes, dismissed, fail to register, dismissed, seat belt, dismissed.
 Whitehurst Steven G, 61, of 4095 South Charleston Pk, assault, guilty, 30 days of jail with 30 days suspended, 6 months of probation, mental health evaluation and follow-up, anger management, fined $50.

Judge Thomas E. Trempe

 Cochran Leco S, 18, of 334 W Johnny Lytle Street, theft, continued.
 Crable Matthew C, 32, of 2680 E High St Apt 5, domestic violence, continued, assault, dismissed.
 Crable Matthew Corey, 32, of 2680 E High St Apt 5, violation of tpo, continued.
 Decker Charlene, 50, of 1115 Fox St, theft, continued.
 Dishon Amanda K, 26, of 1737 S York Street, theft, guilty, fined $50.
 Dunaway Rock H, 37, of Washington Ch, OH, aggravated menacing, continued, domestic violence, continued.
 Hannah Corbin B, 29, of 142 Kinnane St, assault, guilty, 90 days of jail with 80 days suspended, 1 days credit for time served, jail susp on cond no similar incidents w/victim, for 6 months.
 Johnson Vernon R, 47, of 343 Birch Rd, ovi, continued.
 Money Forrest Mitchell, 35, of 225 N Jackson St, domestic violence, continued.
 Moss Robert Jr L, 48, of 2248 Heartland Ct, ovi, continued, ovi/breath, continued, dus, continued, speed, continued.
 Oconnell Elijah Bd, 27, of Morehead, KY, interfer. with custody, continued, pd apptd.
 Pack Jennifer D, 33, of 643 Villa Rd Apt E, theft, continued.
 Phelps Vincent R, 28, of North Lewisburg, OH, ovi, continued, dus- ol forfeiture, continued, f/pay reinst. fee, continued, left of center, continued.
 Pugh William Eugene, 60, of New Carlisle, OH, violation of tpo, bench warrant ordered.
 Rogers Zachary David, 38, of 522 Archer Lane, domestic violence, continued.
 Ryman Joseph R, 41, of New Carlisle, OH, domestic violence, continued, assault, continued, aggravated menacing, continued.
 Sayler Alisha C, 26, of New Carlisle, OH, request for bail, continued.
 Swift Carla Louise, 49, of Columbus, OH, domestic violence, continued, resisting arrest, continued, obstructing, continued.