Adams John Bailey, 53, of Dayton, OH, ovi, innocent, continued, napt, marked lanes, innocent, continued.
 Allen Nathan Jr M, 21, of Urbana, OH, assault, innocent, continued, pd apptd.
 Allison Perry Keith, 62, of 2616 Roberts Ave, viol. protection order, innocent, continued.
 Coffee Robert S, 41, of 533 Highview Ave, ovi, innocent, continued, ovi/breath, innocent, continued, fty turning left, innocent, continued.
 Gatorano Aubin N, 31, of 440 W High St, obstructing, innocent, continued, napt, f/disclose own per. info, innocent, continued, disorderly conduct by, innocent, continued.
 Gill Katheryn, 28, of 1031 E Home Rd Apt A, ovi, innocent, continued, pd apptd, ovi/breath, innocent, continued, marked lanes, innocent, continued, fail to register, innocent, continued, seat belt, innocent, continued.
 Hall Dustin M, 33, of 509 E Mccreight Avenue, drug paraphernalia offen., innocent, continued, napt.
 Hutchinson Raymond L, 66, of Fairborn, OH, ovi, continued, ovi/breath, continued, dus ovi suspension, continued, failure to control, continued.
 Johnson Brian L, 30, of 723 Drexel Avenue, theft, continued.
 Levalley Sydnie, 24, of 274 W 2nd St, ovi, innocent, continued, pd apptd, ovi/breath, innocent, continued, failure to drive on right, innocent, continued.
 Parker Joseph P, 45, of Troy, OH, ovi, innocent, continued, marked lanes, innocent, continued.
 Peterson Ciara A, 18, of 1004 S Fountain Ave, drug abuse marijuana, continued.
 Peterson Ciara Ahyne, 18, of 1004 Fountain Ave, ovi, continued, head lights, continued.
 Pierce Tavaris J, 34, of 3103 W. Columbia, domestic violence, innocent, continued, pd apptd, no contact cond of bond, OR Bond.
 Poe Lisa M, 34, of 414 W High Street, fail to report crime, guilty, guilty, pd apptd.
 Ragland Sara R, 32, of 1934 Jordan Dr Apt G, theft, innocent, continued, napt, theft, innocent, continued, napt.
 Smith Jared R, 43, of 1716 Merrydale Rd, domestic violence, innocent, continued, violation of tpo, innocent, continued, assault, innocent, continued.
 Sparks Stephanie F, 37, of 1216 Innisfallen, theft, innocent, continued, pd apptd, OR Bond.


Judge Denise L. Moody

 Jackson Justin K, 36, of Medway, OH, use/poss. drug paraphern., dismissed - prosecutor request.

Judge Stephen A. Schumaker

 Burns Shawn A, 41, of 719 S Lowry Ave, assault, continued.
 Burton Rodell Jr K, 40, of , domestic violence, continued.
 Bush Brittany, 32, of Tremont City, OH, ovi, continued, 3 day program, ovi/breath, dismissed, failure to drive on right, dismissed, marked lanes, dismissed.
 Callison Jacob K, 21, of 2826 Dorothy Lane, criminal damaging, continued.
 Carmichael Lakisha E, 38, of 926 Sunset Ave Apt G, resisting arrest, dismissed, obstructing, guilty, 30 days of jail, consecutive time, balance of jail suspended, no further offenses/pay f&c, fined $100, domestic violence, dismissed.
 Compton Kele L, 47, of 108 W Johnny Lytle Avenue, theft, guilty, 30 days of jail with 30 days suspended, no further offenses/pay f&c/restitution, fined $100.
 Funderburg Valerie A, 32, of 302 Seever St, unauth. use of vehicle, guilty, 6 months of jail, consecutive time, 24 months of probation, balance of jail suspended, isp w/conditions - see entry.
 Hall Joshua R, 39, of 3246 E High St, drug abuse marijuana, dismissed.
 Hall Joshua Ray, 39, of 3246 E. High St, ovi, continued, ovi/refusal, dismissed, speed for conditions, dismissed.
 Hoppe Matthew J, 22, of Dayton, OH, ovi, continued, 3 day program, ovi/breath, dismissed, speed, dismissed.
 Preston Donald R, 59, of 2717 Dale Ave, domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request.
 Riggins Romell L, 28, of 1725 Clay St, reduced to  imp. hand/firearm/mv, guilty, fined $75.
 Shaw Sean Patricke, 25, of 608 E Cassilly, assault, dismissed, obstructing, dismissed, disorderly conduct, dismissed.
 Shaw Sean Patricke, 25, of 608 E Cassilly Ave Apt B, aggravated menacing reduced to menacing, guilty, 25 days of jail, consecutive time.
 Swyers George Samuel, 38, of 2030 Granada Dr, criminal trespass, bench warrant ordered.
 Turner Melvin, 42, of 2823 Balsam Dr, domestic violence, continued, assault, continued, unlawful restraint, continued.

Judge Thomas E. Trempe

 Campbell Mark Lamar, 34, of 2222 Stanton Ave Apt 2, aggravated menacing, bench warrant ordered.
 Cannon Kareem J, 22, of 629 W. Grand Ave, fugitive, continued.
 Gaston Terence L, 50, of 17 W Johnson Ave Apt 216, assault, continued.
 Lawson Joshua T, 31, of 217 N Shaffer St, domestic violence, continued, assault, continued.
 Moss Robert Jr L, 47, of 244 Oakwood Pl, ovi, continued, ovi/breath, continued, dus, continued, speed, continued.
 Pittman Aramys C J, 20, of 836 Rodgers Dr, theft, continued.
 Price Kia N, 22, of Columbus, OH, ovi, bench warrant ordered, ovi/breath, bench warrant ordered, drive w/out valid lic, bench warrant ordered, red light, bench warrant ordered, speed, bench warrant ordered.
 Watkins James Paul, 44, of 4240 Anoka St, ovi, continued, fail to register, continued, turn and stop signal, continued.