Channels Mahdi O, 22, of 112 Highland, assault, innocent, continued, pd apptd, OR Bond, dus, continued, bond $1,000, oper w/o valid ol, continued, parking, continued.
 Dearmond Dominique L, 35, of 1358 Bellefair, domestic violence, innocent, continued, bond $2,500, assault, innocent, continued, criminal damaging, innocent, continued, disorderly conduct, innocent, continued.
 Dearmond Dominique L, 35, of 1121 Linden Ave, criminal damaging, innocent, continued, pd apptd, no contact cond of bond, OR Bond.
 Hixon Amber, 38, of 133 The Post Road Apt A, ovi, innocent, continued, ovi, innocent, continued, head lights, innocent, continued.
 Joseph Michael C, 27, of 1341 Beverly Avenue, theft, continued.
 Line Michael Jr D, 45, of 102 E Main Apt 505, assault, continued, possession of drugs, continued.
 Soles Edward T, 35, of 274 Roscommon Blvd, domestic violence, innocent, continued, assault, innocent, continued.
 Taylor Daniell, 40, of Dayton, OH, theft, continued.
 Watson Cynthia L, 52, of 4602 Peacock Rd, criminal damaging, innocent, continued.


Judge Denise L. Moody

 Allen Adrianne S, 34, of 638 S Clairmont Avenue, theft, continued.
 Beavers Herschel D, 57, of 519 Rice St, ovi/breath, continued, pd apptd, driver license required, continued, marked lanes, continued.
 Butcher Seth M, 27, of 640 Eastmoor Dr, wildlife violation, dismissed, special deer permit, guilty, fined $50.
 Channels Mahdi O, 22, of 112 Highland, assault, continued, pd apptd.
 Horton Ronald D, 53, of 2144 Clifton Ave, ovi, continued.
 Huber Stephen Sr M., 55, of 2576 Old Selma Rd., ovi, continued, ovi/breath, dismissed, marked lanes, dismissed.
 Lovell Phillip Michael, 30, of 32 E Cassilly Ave, assault, continued.
 Nealey Michael E, 59, of 3328 Argonne Ln, ovi, dismissed - prosecutor request.
 Smith Danielle E, 30, of Cincinnati, OH, ovi, guilty, 3 days of jail with 3 days suspended, 12 months of DL suspension, 3 days jail, susp, cts for dip, fined $375.

Judge Stephen A. Schumaker

 Carmichael Jeremy H, 33, of 948 Sunset Avenue, domestic violence, dismissed, assault, dismissed.
 Chambers Miguel N, 18, of Enon, OH, offenses/underage persons reduced to disorderly, guilty, fined $50.
 Click Kyle D, 26, of 2727 Hustead Rd, ovi, continued, refer to 3 day program, ovi/breath, dismissed, failure to drive on right, dismissed.
 Degahson Ulonda E, 39, of 139 Bassett Dr, assault, dismissed.
 Dyamond Thomas L, 45, of Xenia, OH, ovi, continued, 3 day program, ovi/breath, dismissed, dus, dismissed, marked lanes, dismissed.
 Forshey Julia L, 54, of 102 S Freeman St, theft, guilty, 20 days of jail with 20 days suspended, no further offenses/pay f&c, fined $80.
 Frank Aaron L, 29, of New Carlisle, OH, domestic violence, continued, assault, continued.
 Gander Van A, 57, of Greenwood, IN, ovi, continued, ovi/breath, continued.
 Hensley William C, 37, of 1327 Maiden Lane, endangering children, continued, assault, continued.
 Huffman Tina L, 44, of Sourth Vienna, OH, possession of drugs, continued, psi ordered, child endangering, continued.
 Jacks Sierra L, 19, of 215 The Post Rd Apt B, child endangering, continued, psi ordered, no contact order lifted to permit contact w/child.
 Moore Dominick M, 27, of 1341 Johnny Lytle Ave, domestic violence, continued, motion for bond reduction overruled, assault, continued.
 Reed William Jr Rodney, 41, of 1320 Lexington Ave, theft, continued.
 Robinson Kavon L, 22, of 1635 Selma Rd, obstructing, bench warrant ordered, disorderly conduct, bench warrant ordered, crim.trespass, bench warrant ordered.
 Sinclair Richard Ricardo, 28, of 1020 Clifton, domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request.
 Smeltzer Rachel A, 30, of Dayton, OH, ovi reduced to physical control, guilty, 20 days of jail with 17 days suspended, credit 3 days for program, no further violatinos/pay f&c, fined $400.
 Stapleton Daniel Jr, 59, of 5132 N Urbana Road, ovi, continued, failure to control, continued, improper passing, continued.
 Wynn Akeila K, 40, of Dayton, OH, ovi reduced to physical control, guilty, 20 days of jail with 20 days suspended, no further violations/pay f&c, fined $400, ovi/breath, dismissed.

Judge Thomas E. Trempe

 Banks Daniel Ii Todd, 18, of New Carlisle, OH, disorderly conduct, dismissed.
 Benner Brittany M, 28, of 856 Mound Street, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.
 Davis Wezlynn Vandyke, 35, of Plain City, OH, ovi, continued, marked lanes, continued.
 Dillon Lea A, 22, of Troy, OH, endangering children, bench warrant ordered, ovi, bench warrant ordered, marked lanes, bench warrant ordered.
 Dishon Amanda K, 26, of 1737 S York Street, theft, continued.
 Garity Keith, 46, of 112 Willis Ave, criminal damaging, dismissed - prosecutor request.
 Johnson Neila J, 40, of Dayton, OH, ovi, continued, ovi/breath, dismissed, dus, dismissed, two lights, dismissed.
 Kaltenbach James C, 49, of 4401 Jeremy Ave, telephone harassment, continued.
 Kascsak David K, 47, of 1215 Kenton Street, assault, continued, criminal damaging, continued.
 Mckinster Pamela M, 31, of 2517 Van Buren Ave, obstructing, dismissed - prosecutor request, f/disclose own per. info, dismissed - prosecutor request, crim.trespass, dismissed - prosecutor request, disorderly conduct, dismissed - prosecutor request.
 Ryman Joseph R, 41, of New Carlisle, OH, domestic violence, continued, assault, continued, aggravated menacing, continued.
 Sanford Scott, 51, of New Carlisle, OH, ovi, continued, turn and stop signal, dismissed.
 Stevens Alexis Lamara, 24, of 21 W Clark, assault, continued.
 Turner Sandra D, 63, of Dayton, OH, ovi, continued, ovi/breath, dismissed, open container, dismissed, littering from vehicle, dismissed, operating w/o use all s/b, dismissed.
 Wells James, 41, of 301 Warren Dr, ovi, continued, dus, continued, red light, continued.