Bess Ericah E, 36, of 1823 S Belmont Ave, child endangering, innocent, continued, no contact, pd apptd, bond $7,500.
 Coonrod Phillip M, 23, of 1817 Springmont Avenue, assault, continued.
 Cooper Jason R, 42, of 424 W High St, crim.trespass, innocent, continued, pd apptd, OR Bond.
 Fenwick Kimberly K, 26, of 1019 Farlow St, child endangering, innocent, continued, pd apptd, no contact, bond $7,500.
 Freshour Dylan J, 26, of St Paris, OH, theft, innocent, continued, pd apptd.
 Geschwe Don Ii A, 63, of 2365 W First St Lot 102, ovi, continued, ovi/refusal, continued, f/pay reinst. fee, continued, traffic control device, continued.
 Harris Teaira H, 22, of 449 E Euclid Ave, dus, continued, driver license required, continued, assured clear distance, continued.
 Harris Teaira N, 22, of 449 E Euclid Avenue, criminal damaging, innocent, continued, pd apptd.
 Hayden Dustin, 38, of 2046 Maryland Ave, f/disclose own per. info, continued.
 Howard Brittany K, 24, of 1019 Middle St, possession of drugs, innocent, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,000.
 Jacobs Charles Jr E, 34, of 205 W Euclid Avenue, aggravated menacing, innocent, continued, napt.
 Kingery Jerimy M, 24, of At Large, domestic violence, innocent, continued, bond $1,000, assault, innocent, continued, pd apptds, no contact, bond $1,000.
 Manigault Erik H, 32, of At Large, criminal damaging, innocent, continued, pd apptd.
 Metz Steven E, 55, of 2245 Broadway St, ovi, continued, ovi/breath, continued, drive w/out valid lic, continued, failure to drive on right, continued, seat belt, continued.
 Parker Jessica L, 29, of 2423 Kenton Street, theft, continued.
 Ramsey Leonard Eugene, 29, of 313 E Rose St, assault, innocent, continued, pd apptd.
 Short Adam, 37, of 1209 W Pleasant St, warr served, deft jailed, guilty, guilty.
 Short Lowell Adam, 37, of 1006 E Southern Ave, falsification, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $2,500.
 Smith Robert W, 21, of 1190 Delta Road, assault, continued.
 Smith Robert W, 21, of 138 Wilson Ave, dus, guilty, continued, stop sign, guilty, continued, expired tag or sticker, guilty, continued.
 Terrell Michael Sr A, 37, of 535 E Southern, assault, innocent, continued, pd apptd, no contact, bond $500.
 Thompson Jason M, 32, of 1541 Marinette Dr., ovi, innocent, continued, ovi/breath, innocent, continued, one way, innocent, continued.
 Vibbert Elsie Ellen, 32, of Urbana, OH, impose 5 days, refer to collections, guilty.
 Wade Thomas L, 54, of S Charleston, OH, possession of drugs, continued.
 Walters Joshua, 35, of 1815 Beacon, dus, continued.
 Walters Joshua Ray, 35, of At Large, theft, continued.
 Welch Kristina R, 24, of At Large, misuse credit cards, innocent, continued, theft, innocent, continued.
 Yerian Timothy E, 37, of New Carlisle, OH, firearms in motor vehicle, guilty, guilty, forfetire weapon (see entry), assessed costs $100.
 Zukovic Jessica R, 28, of 714 W Pleasant Ave, theft, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $1,500.
 Zukovic Jessica Raynee, 28, of 803 Farlow St, theft, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $1,500, criminal trespass, innocent, continued.
 Zukovic Jessica Raynee, 28, of 1054 E High St, ovi, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $2,500, oper w/o valid ol, innocent, continued, falsification, innocent, continued, display of tags, innocent, continued.

Judge Denise L. Moody

 Adkins Brian Jr K, 32, of 244 E Mccreight Avenue, fel. assault, dismissed, domestic violence, continued.
 Foster Kristen H, 33, of 1123 Tibbetts Ave, ovi, guilty, 12 months of DL suspension, 3 days of jail with 3 days suspended, 3 days credit for time served, fined $375.
 Gawlikowski April C, 24, of 1750 Baker Rd #11, aggravated menacing reduced to disorderly, guilty, 30 days of jail with 30 days suspended, susp jail o/c no off w/ vic or child's father 1yr, file paternity, support, visitation action, fined $100, domestic violence, dismissed.
 Leonard Angela L, 37, of 19 S Race St, aggravated robbery, dismissed - indicted.
 Lewis Tamarra L, 20, of 652 W Jefferson St, ovi, bench warrant ordered.
 Mcclure Matthew A, 30, of 5615 Twitchell Rd Apt D, ovi, continued, ovi/breath, continued.
 Simpson Brandon L, 31, of Fairborn, OH, physical control, continued, ovi, continued, operate w/o restraints, continued.
 Sutherland Richard L, 51, of Mechanicsburg, OH, resisting arrest, guilty, 60 days of jail with 60 days suspended, 12 months of DL suspension, 1 yr ol susp, effective 3/6/18, 60 days jail, susp on payment of f/c and no driving, fined $500, dui reduced to disregard of safety, guilty, fined $100, fty from private drive, dismissed.
 Thompson Jason M, 32, of 1541 Marinette Dr., ovi, continued, ovi/breath, continued, one way, continued.

Judge Eugene S.Nevius

 Blackburn Alan C, 21, of 1417 Clifton Avenue, possession of drugs, dismissed - pretrial probation.
 Boring Jason A G, 43, of 1503 Lagonda Ave, ovi, guilty, 24 months of DL suspension, 90 days of jail with 90 days suspended, fine and cost due 4/5/2018, 3 day program completed, fined $525.
 Foley Patrick Ray, 29, of 252 E John Street, hit skip, guilty, 14 days of jail, 14 days credit for time served, 90 days of DL suspension, fine and cost due 4/5/2018, pay for damages, fined $250, fail stop/yield stop sign, dismissed.
 Mcmillen Jason Michael, 44, of 151 4th St, domestic violence, dismissed.
 Mcmillen Jason Micheal, 44, of 151 4th Ave, assault, dismissed.
 Pressey Jimmy L, 48, of Columbus, OH, theft, continued.
 Sherman Michael A, 38, of Miamisburg, OH, obstructing, dismissed, possession of drugs, dismissed, possession of drugs, dismissed, resisting arrest, dismissed, use/poss. drug paraphern., dismissed, possession of drugs, dismissed.
 Terrell Michael Sr Aaron, 37, of 1055 Heard Ave, aggravated burglary, dismissed - indicted.
 Wissman Elizabeth M, 19, of Beavercreek, OH, ovi, guilty, 12 months of DL suspension, 7 days of jail, 7 days credit for time served, ct fees susp due to inability to pay.

Judge Thomas E. Trempe

 Bowen Jamie, 37, of Enon, OH, ovi, continued.
 Daulton Jessie A, 26, of 1622 Karr St, ovi, guilty, 12 months of DL suspension, 3 days of jail, 3 days credit for time served, als terminated w/o reinstatment fee, fined $375.
 Eberhart Timothy James, 51, of At Large, crim.trespass, dismissed - prosecutor request.
 Harris Wayne E, 45, of Tucson, AZ, ovi, continued, dus, continued, no ol, continued.
 Palmer Matthew, 37, of 54 Apple Hill, domestic violence, dismissed, assault, continued.
 Parthe Robert J, 34, of Vandalia, OH, use/poss. drug paraphern., continued, drug abuse marijuana, continued, ovi, continued, improper turn, continued.