Cases called Monday included:

 Allen Clayton J, 43, of New Carlisle, OH, violation of tpo, continued, bond $7,500, domestic violence, continued, menacing, continued.
 Cann Nagongi Ikin, 42, of 515 Vine St, domestic violence, continued, bond $1,000.
 Cooper Eleanor P, 49, of Newton, NC, ovi, continued, disregard of safety, continued.
 Harrington Jauffet Dequay, 26, of Xenia, OH, warr served, deft jailed, guilty.
 Howard Derek W, 26, of New Carlisle, OH, dus, guilty, continued, OR Bond, fty/red light, guilty, continued.
 Kelly Michelle G, 51, of 2226 N Fountain Blvd, obstructing justice, innocent, continued, refused pd, napt, OR Bond, resisting arrest, innocent, continued.
 Levalley Bessie L, 19, of 1220 Texas Ave, fel. assault, continued, bond $20,000.
 Long Larry Lee, 53, of 241 Forest St, viol. protection order, continued, bond $1,000.
 Martinez Miguel Ii R, 51, of 1036 Sherman Ave, domestic violence, continued, bond $2,500, assault, continued, bond $1,000.
 Metcalf Tonya L, 33, of 1715 Warder St, prohibited nuisance, innocent, continued, solid waste collection, innocent, continued.
 Metcalf Tonya L, 33, of 1715 Warder Street, domestic violence, continued, bond $1,000.
 Nolan Jonathan L, 31, of Lucasville, OH, agg assault, continued, bond $5,000.
 Roberts David A, 41, of 126 E Grand Ave, warr served, deft jailed, guilty, bond $2,500.
 Roberts David Ii A, 41, of 126 E Grand Avenue, domestic violence, continued, bond $2,500.
 Rowe Lagena A, 31, of 711 W High St, ovi, continued, OR Bond, failure to control, continued.
 Taylor Malik James-roe, 19, of 1360 S Fountain Ave, receiving stolen property, continued.
 Truss William Jr C, 50, of 2032 Erie Ave, domestic violence, innocent, continued, no contact, bond $2,500, disrupting pub. service, innocent, continued.
 Tyree Rickey Jr E, 55, of At Large, receiving stolen property, continued, bond $2,500.