Devin Easton Arnett 936 Catherine Street, Springfield, Ohio

Age: 25

Indicted for: Harrassment with a Bodily Substance


Sammie Junior Ledford 6 Charles Road, New Carlisle, Ohio

Age: 53

Indicted for: Domestic Violence, Disrupting Public Service


Timothy James Boeke 1213 Beverly Avenue, Springfield, Ohio

Age: 58

Indicted for: Assault, Disrupting Public Service


Mykel D. Gilbert 1620 N. Yellow Springs Street, Springfield, Ohio

Age: 22

Indicted for: Having Weapons Under Disability


Carl E. Hallen 1935 Jordan Dr., Apt. E, Springfield, Ohio

Age: 46

Indicted for: Violating Protection Order


Jason Clyde Puckett, Jr. 1208 Circle Drive, Springfield, Ohio

Age: 24

Indicted for: Felonious Assault, Tampering with Evidence


Darryl Anthony Jackson, Jr. 918 Clifton Avenue, Springfield, Ohio

Age: 30

Indicted for: Roberry, Felonious Assault


Barryn Reigh McDonnell At Large

Age: 22

Indicted for: Theft, Theft, Breaking and Entering, Breaking and Entering


Christian Robert Malzahn At Large

Age: 23

Indicted for: Breaing and Entering, Breaking and Entering, Theft


Gary Alan Osborne, Jr. 1581 Warder Street, Springfield, Ohio

Age: 26

Indicted for: Felonious Assaalt