Bonnie Brunet

Age: 39

Indicted for: Assault


Jacob E Bennett166 Catawba Avenue Springfield, Ohio

Age: 28

Indicted for: Carrying Concealed Weapon


Darryl Evans 3347 W Jackson Road Springfield, Ohio

Age: 58

Indicted for: Carrying Concealed Weapon, Improper Handling of Firearmsin a Motor Vehicle


Dallas M McCormick 22 E Mulberry St/Apt ½ Springfield, Ohio

Age: 23

Indicted for: Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor


Steven D Skaggs 834 W North Street Springfield, Ohio

Age: 37

Indicted for: Forgery, Receiving Stolen Property


Harold W Adams Sr 308 Wallace Dr Fairborn, Ohio

Age: 49

Indicted for: Theft


Robert J Taylor 3333 Eichelberger Lane Springfield, Ohio

Age: 21

Indicted for: Interfering with Operation of Aircraft with Laser


Jacob A Pamer 1725 Villa Road Springfield, Ohio

Age: 37

Indicted for: Gross Sexual Imposition


Roger Lanier

Age: 22

Indicted for: Murder, Aggravated Robbery, Having weapons Under Disability


Michael W Pahl

Age: 44

Indicted for: Possession of Cocaine, Aaggravated Possession of Drugs, Possession of Heorin, Possessiosn of Fentanyl Related Compound, Endangering Children


Jimmy Lee Dornon Jr 602 S Isabella Street Springfield, Ohio

Age: 34

Indicted for: Receiving Stolen Property, Receiving Stolen Property


Dai Vontay Hudson 1413 Noel Springfield, Ohio

Age: 24

Indicted for: Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs, Aggravated Possession of Drugs, Aggravated Possessin of Drugs


Joshua J Bowman 617 E Cecil Street Springfield, Ohio

Age: 23

Indicted for: Forgery, forgery, Receiving Stolen Property


Ahmad M Rababah

Age: 29

Indicted for: Receiving Stolen Property


Carolyn Jean Cunningham 1600 Lexington Avenue/Apt ½ Springfield, Ohio

Age: 56

Indicted for: Theft


Kenneth A Moreland Jr 8180 Royal Elm Drive Blacklick, Ohio 43004

Age: 29

Indicted for: Failure to Comply, Endangering Children (3 cts), OVI