Robert W Greene 2121 Larch Street Springfield, Ohio

Age: 35

Indicted for: Breaking & Entering, Possessing Criminal Tools


Amy Lynn Truman

Age: 34

Indicted for: Breaking & Entering, Possessing Criminal Tools


William Wayne Brewer 226 S Wittenberg Springfield, Ohio

Age: 24

Indicted for: Burglary


Kevin L Johnson Jr 812 Linden Avenue Springfield, Ohio

Age: 35

Indicted for: Domestic Violence, Assault, Assault


Joseph R Ryman 11740 Gerlaugh Road Medway, Ohio

Age: 41

Indicted for: Aggravated Possession of Drugs


Stephanie M Katz 2722 Woodford Drive Springfield, Ohio

Age: 26

Indicted for: Theft, Forgery


Kalup Arnold-Gray 1751 York Street Springfield, Ohio

Age: 21

Indicted for: Improper Handling of Firearms in a Motor Vehicle, Aggravated Menacing


Jay Barney Roof 5600 Kitridge Road Dayton, Ohio 45424

Age: 32

Indicted for: Receiving Stolen Property, carrying Concealed Weapons, Improper Handling of Firearms, Having Weapons Under Disability, Having Weapons Under Disability


Anthony Lee Walton Humphrey

Age: 18

Indicted for: Felonious assault, Felonious Assault, Felonious Assault, Discharge of a Firearm on or Near Prohibited Premises


Brock T Lubbers 4724 Derwint Drive Riverside, Ohio 45431

Age: 31

Indicted for: Robbery


Jamaal L Fleming 1942 Scarboro Street Springfield, Ohio

Age: 37

Indicted for: Felonious Assault


Chase E Harris 5060 Kerns Road Springfield, Ohio

Age: 19

Indicted for: Possession of Cocaine


Robert J Finch121 Delcourt Drive Springfield, Ohio

Age: 30

Indicted for: Felonious Assault


Aleeyia D S Best116 E Euclid Springfield, Ohio

Age: 24

Indicted for: Vandalism


Jarrod W Beverly 1033 Maiden Lane Springfield, Ohio

Age: 42

Indicted for: Trafficking in Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine, Aggravated Traffficking in Drugs, Aggravated Possession of Drugs, Having Weapons Under Disability, Receiving Stolen Property


Natasha L Ellis

Age: 16

Indicted for: Aggravate dMurder, Murder, Attempted Murder, Felonious Assault