Kenneth Michael Sammons

Age: 25

Indicted for: Gross Sexual Imposition, Domestic Violence


Brian S Miller

Age: 46

Indicted for: Forgery, Receiving Stolen Property


Seth Eugene Tackett

Age: 25

Indicted for: Felonious Assault, Endangering Children (6 cts),  Domestic Violence (4 cts), Assault


Angel Marie Primous 927 Warder Street Springfield, Ohio

Age: 31

Indicted for: Felonious Assault


April Bishop

Age: 43

Indicted for: Escape


Dontrae Michael Sparks

Age: 18

Indicted for: Aggravated Burglary


Jason E Tucker 235 Stiles Avenue Springfield, Ohio

Age: 40

Indicted for: Trafficking in Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine, Illegal Conveyance of Drugs of Abuse onto the Grounds of a Specified Governmental Facility