Marshall A. Hall, 2740 Conastoga Street, Springfield, Ohio, 45503

Age: 34

Indicted for: Domestic Violence (2cts)


Cody Johnathan Hatfield, at large

Age: 24

Indicted for: Robbery


Jonathan Scott Monroe, 141 The Post Rd., Apt G, Springfield, Ohio 45503

Age: 18

Rape, Gross Sexual Imposition, Sexual Battery (3cts), Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor (3cts), Compelling Prostitution


Daniel Lee Crim, at large

Age: 29

Receiving Stolen Property


Virginia May Hennis, 1726 Tarimore Dr., Springfield, Ohio 45505

Age: 31

Endangering Children


Antone Maurice Youngblood, III, 913 Drexel, Springfield, Ohio 45505

Age: 22

Aggravated Robbery (2cts)


Calvin V. Mitchell, 415 E. Liberty Street, Springfield, Ohio 45505

Age: 46

Failure to Comply with Order or Signal of Police Officer


Robert Jeffrey Hartman,  825 E. High Street, Springfield, Ohio 45505

Age: 52



Joe Kelly Frederick Gohl, 1730 Rutland Ave., Springfield, Ohio 45505

Age: 21

Discharge of a Firearm on or near Prohibited Premises, Improper Handling Firearms in a Motor Vehicle


Dennis Baisden, JR, 2034 N. Hadley Rd., Springfield, Ohio 45505

Age: 66

Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (2cts)