Keein James Anthony Brown-Ford14409 Edgewood Avenue Cleveland, Ohio

Age: 21

Indicted for: Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, Improper Handling of Firearms in a Motor Vehicle


Deron A Barnes 1349 Rutland Avenue Springfield, Ohio

Age: 41

Indicted for: Possession of Cocaine


Daniel Allen Bussard 2310 W Possum Road Springfield, Ohio

Age: 34

Indicted for: Breaking & Entering, Possessing Criminal Tools


Trey M Smith 8895 Clifton Avenue Springfield, Ohio

Age: 18

Indicted for: Assault


Vincent Trey Morris 735 N Belmont Avenue Springfield, Ohio

Age: 20

Indicted for: Burglary


Christopher Hatcher 1510 Broadway Street Springfield, Ohio

Age: 33

Indicted for: Trafficking in Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine


Bradley James Coffman 311 E Jefferson Street Urbana, Ohio

Age: 40

Indicted for: Failure to Comply with Order or Signal Of Police Officer, Receiving Stolen Property


Austin D Emery 5111 Stoneridge Springfield, Ohio

Age: 26

Indicted for: Forgery (4 cts)


James Anthony Ragland 23 E Southern Avenue Springfield, Ohio

Age: 45

Indicted for: Obstructing Official Business, Theft


Daniel Lee Crim 110 N Clairmont Avenue Springfield, Ohio

Age: 29

Indicted for: Receiving Stolen Property


Brandy M Simcox 401 E Northern Avenue Springfield, Ohio

Age: 29

Indicted for: Receiving Stolen Property


Ashley E Rollins125 E Ward St/Apt 305 Urbana, Ohio 43078

Age: 32

Indicted for: Theft


Brian Scott Trainer

Age: 40

Indicted for: Aggravated Robbery, Failure to comply with Order or Signal of Police Officer


Brittney N Allen 34 W Birch Street Medway, Ohio 45341

Age: 30

Indicted for: Aggravated Robbery


Stephen H Miller III

Age: 25

Indicted for: Possession of Cocaine


Wayne U Skaggs 1311 Cedarview Drive W Springfield, Ohio

Age: 53

Indicted for: Felonious Assault, Tampering with Evidence


Paul E Powell Jr1452 W Clark Street Springfield, Ohio

Age: 27

Indicted for: Kidnapping, Vehicular Assault, Failure to Stop After an Accident, Theft


Christina E Cornell

Age: 39

Indicted for: theft