On February 9, 2018, there will be a very special event designed especially for older teens and adults with special needs.   A former NFL star, Tim Tebow, is sponsoring a very special prom in over 600 locations around the world for these very important, but many times forgotten, people and wants to invite them to it in our local area.

Within Clark and surrounding counties, the local place happens to be at Lawrenceville Church of God, and the co-sponsor of the event is Family and Youth Initiatives, who is excited to have all those interested to call and get more information about how to attend and how to get signed up to do so.

Pat Banaszak, Executive Director of FYI, is very glad this event is going to be more central to Clark and Champaign County people.   “Last year we heard of this event and took several of our Tecumseh students to Troy Christian Church, for the prom and they had such a wonderful time.   Troy Christian Church is holding the event again, but we wanted to make a prom closer to all of Clark County and Allen Cain, pastor of Lawrenceville Church of God was so willing to hold it there—it was a blessing from God!”   

The prom is free to all participants and FYI is working with different organizations and schools to get the word out about this momentous event.   They are looking for schools and sites and volunteers to help participants get ready for the evening, but getting their hair and nails done, by getting special rides to the church, and by getting donations of dresses, suits, and other attire the guests may use for the evening.  

Each participant will be assigned a “safe buddy” who has had a background check and will be able to have them as their personal attendant for the evening.   Each will get a chance to dance, play games, relax, and enjoy the evening celebrating God’s goodness in their lives.  

Parents will be allowed to come to a special room where they can be close to their sons and daughters and watch as they are royally treated.   Dinner will be served, dancing, photo will be taken, and the fun will not stop during the evening.  

Unfortunately, Tim Tebow will probably not attend—he has over 600 proms to choose from—but his spirit and the love of all participating will great the guests and will make sure they have a wonderful time.

For registration, please call the FYI office at 937-845-0403, and ask for July Gallagher.   If she is not there, please leave a message and she will call back.   Registration for this major event is very limited to only 100 registrants so please call quickly.

Any questions and more information can be found there as well.