City leaders met today at the Marriott in Downtown Springfield to discuss a tax levy that could improve roads in the city. Springfield Mayor, Warren Copeland, said that if the levy was approved, the money from the tax increase would be divided evenly between four portions of the city.

There is your confirmation , inspiration and motivation to get out and vote in the current election... With Ebola and ISIS clogging up the news cycle and now the Canadian tragedy it will be hard to break through. In OHIO President OBAMA'S fiscal and social policies have been justified and validated as proper to get Ohioans though the toughest economy since the Great Depression.

That led deputies to a home at 116 East Euclid Avenue in Springfield. Deputies and the RANGE Drug Task Force found another 3,275 pills at the residence along with some paraphernalia.

Two people were killed after being rear-ended by another vehicle on Dayton Road at South Tecumseh Road around 4 p.m. on Saturday. A man who was sitting in his car at the stop sign on South Tecumseh Road, trying to turn left on Dayton Road toward Springfield, saw the crash occur.

At its Oct. 6 meeting, Akron City Council passed an ordinance allowing a conditional use of property on Priscilla Avenue in South Akron to construct a 190-foot cell phone tower. The area is close to Springfield, according to city officials.

Clark County's recent high-profile jobs wins have helped the area take off from its manufacturing roots.

"This was a vicious attack on a man inside his home who was simply just trying to sleep and these men came in and attacked him," said Detective R.W. Jordan, Springfield Police Department. According to a Springfield police report, three men broke into a home in the 1800 block of East Home Road.

Marshals first staked out a Springfield home waiting for Zavinie Brooks to return from work. He was wanted on charges of shooting at someone inside a house when he's not supposed to have a weapon in the first place.

She was born January 21, 1924, in Freedom Township to Anton and Wilhelmina Panning.


The Crabill Homestead, 2800 Croft Road, Springfield, will celebrate All Hallows Eve from 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 17 and Saturday, Oct. 18. There will be activities for both young and old at the family-friendly event. There will be no blood, gore, or scary monsters to jump out at you.

Currently, when you dial 9-1-1 in Clark County, you're immediately asked if the call is for city or county. That's because Springfield and Clark County have two separate call centers.

Auto parts supplier Stanley Electric U.S. Company Inc. plans to build a second plant in Madison County just to the east of Springfield that will add another 150 jobs to its payroll.

Springfield Township officials are looking at lowering the level of Springfield Lake to alleviate flooding concerns for condominium owners living on the Lakemore side of the lake. The matter was discussed at the Sept.

Carlos Fernandez, left, Great River Honor Flight board chair, introduced Marvin Hoyt, Barry, a veteran who flew on Great River's 26th Honor Flight in August. The theme of Pike County Home and Community Education's Sept.

According to the National Council on Aging, older adults who participate in senior center programs experience measurable improvements in their physical, social, spiritual, emotional, mental, and economic well-being. With that understanding and with the knowledge that many senior citizens in our community were increasingly isolated from their support systems as they aged, Betty B. Pitzer founded Elderly United, now United Senior Services in 1968.

Based on Clark County's aging population projections, United Senior Services is looking forward with a vision of growth and improvement. For 46 years, USS has provided older adults a place to be active and involved and services to maintain independence.